Learn how to lifting heavy things safely!!

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Lifting heavy things by yourself may seem impressive. But it can cause serious injury and stress. unless it is safe to do so before lifting things Always test the weight before lifting. May be lifted by hand or require transport equipment.

If you have to lift over a long distance This depends on the weight of the object. If you have a job that requires constant heavy lifting or you just move furniture around. Practicing safe techniques can help ease the burden.

Lifting heavy objects correctly will reduce the risk of injury. Those who must lift heavy objects should follow the following methods.

Prepare yourself before lifting heavy objects.

Before lifting heavy things, you must plan the items you will lift, such as where you want to place the items. Are there any obstacles on the route to be lifted? If there are any, obstacles should be neatly put away. To prevent bumps or trips and falls,  as well as check whether the weight of the item can be lifted by one person at one time.

In addition, สมัคร ufabet, before lifting heavy objects, you should prepare your body by Stretch your muscles for 2–3 minutes to get the blood flowing. This makes the muscles highly flexible and able to support activities that require a lot of physical movement well. 

Lift heavy objects with correct posture.

  • Stand close to things. To lift a distance without having to reach forward when lifting things. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Place one foot slightly in front of the other to create balance while lifting.
  • Bend one knee, squat down, keep your back straight, do not bend over to lift things.
  • Use both hands to firmly hold the object to be lifted. Lift the object to about navel height. And things should always be close to the body. To be able to lift things with stability and balance       
  • When standing up from a squatting position, the back must be straight and the traction force to lift the object should come from the leg muscles. Do not use force from your back.
  • Move your body slowly while lifting things. Do not rush and do not twist or move your body while lifting. If you want to turn in another direction, use your legs to take the lead. Then slowly rotate your body accordingly.

Placing objects on the floor uses the same motion as lifting objects in reverse. Hold the item close to your body, then slowly bend your knees or squat down when you reach the area where the item will be placed. While placing the object, bend only your knees and hips. Keep your back straight. Tighten your abdominal and pelvic muscles. Then put the item down slowly and do not hold your breath while placing the item.