4 things to do when you feel “worthless”

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4 things to do when you feel “worthless

Have you ever felt that you are worthless? It was a very bad feeling. It was a difficult time. If ever or are feeling it, let’s see 5 things that we should do better. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Why do we feel worthless ?

Feelings of worthlessness can be caused by many factors, from upbringing. childhood experience Looking at things that happen in a negative light, insults, stress, mental health problems such as depression 

What to do when you feel worthless 

  1. Speak kindly and be kind to yourself.

when feeling worthless What follows is that we tend to blame ourselves. Saying negative things about yourself, like I can’t be any better. I’m a bad person, slowly trying to adjust my thinking. Start talking positively to yourself, for example, today I slowly better from yesterday She’s very good today. 

  1. Record good things every day

When we feel worthless We often don’t see the good things that happen. We tend to focus on the bad things. and drowning in it all day Try to write down good things that happen, such as today’s delicious food. beautiful sky today Even if it’s a small matter I looked at it as a good thing that happened. 

  1. Volunteer or do something for others.

Doing something for others can have a positive effect on our feelings and happiness. Makes us see the value in ourselves even more. 

  1. Try mental health services.

Nowadays, mental health is a matter that people pay more attention to. Therefore, there are more mental health services or apps as well. If anyone feels that they are worthless or think they want to vent it out. You can start by using these mental health services. 

Everyone has their own values. On the days that you can’t see, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. love yourself a lot