What are the benefits of running ?

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Running is a useful exercise. Helps promote blood circulation in the body. Helps increase the activity of enzymes and hormones that help stimulate the muscles and heart to work more efficiently. The heart will be able to pump blood well and help the muscles use oxygen more efficiently.

Running is also an exercise that helps burn calories better than other types of exercise. If you run regularly to burn calories and consume less food than the calories burned, It will help to reduce weight very well. It also helps increase good fat (HDL Cholesterol) and most importantly, running is good. Regular diet also reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease , type 2 diabetes , and stroke. ทางเข้า ufabet Including helping to promote mood and control weight to be in a good range.

Additionally, running plays an important role in reducing body fat. Reduce triglyceride levels Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and reduce high blood pressure

What is the risk of injury when running?

From the research study it was found that Run more than 64 kilometers per week. This increases the risk of further injury. People who have a history injuries in the past are considered factors that can increase the risk of future injuries. The most common injuries are Injuries occur to the knees, lower legs, feet, and upper legs, respectively. Less common injuries include the ankles, hips, or pelvis.

However, running correctly or having good running techniques Including warming up the body before every run helps reduce the risk of injury.