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Effects of painkillers and how to use it.

Muscle aches and pains are a common symptom that causes us to feel uncomfortable. And sometimes it may be difficult for us to move. Soreness or pain in a specific part Muscle aches and pains can occur from overuse, injury, or tension. There are many types

Learn how to lifting heavy things safely!!

Lifting heavy things by yourself may seem impressive. But it can cause serious injury and stress. unless it is safe to do so before lifting things Always test the weight before lifting. May be lifted by hand or require transport equipment. If you have to

Ways to cure hiccups Effectively within a few minutes.

Hiccups  are symptoms that can happen to anyone. Cause by symptoms in which the stomach is irritat. The nerves are therefore stimulat to work abnormally. As a result, the diaphragm Or the muscles separating the chest and abdomen are contract rhythmically. The rib muscles are affect

Fatty liver is a silent danger for people of all ages. 

Fatty liver doesn’t only come from alcohol. But it comes from fructose. and sugar industry Which is present in more than 70% of food, more dangerous than drinking alcohol. Nowadays, fatty liver has become a silent and dangerous disease. This is because the disease usually

You can avoid it. Foods that should not be eating together!

In one meal, many people would like to eat several foods at the same time. But there are some foods that can be harmful to the body if eating together. The food pairs that shouldn’t be eating together include desserts, drinks, and savory foods. Durian +