The counting of points makes playing blackjack

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The counting of points makes playing blackjack, how to play, easier to understand.

Overall, the counting of points is similar to other bets, the only difference is the point A, which the system automatically counts for us. But we should also count the points by ourselves. because if we use this basic strategy We have to count the points as And the more proficient we can use this strategy. The advantage of the dealer will be less. Money will also increase entering ทางเข้า UFABET

  • Numbered cards from 2-10 are counted according to the numbers.
  • Western cards (Face Cards) J, Q, K will count all 10 points equally.
  • A or Ace will be the hero because it is a card that will cause Natural Blackjack, which means getting the first 2 cards as A + 10 points card, which counts as 21 points because A in this will count the points in 2 ways, which is counting 11 or 1. Points can be awarded as it will benefit the total points.

Play Blackjack, how to play and how to win against the dealer?

Before knowing how to play blackjack will be the way we play today. It took more than 500 years to develop until it came to the showdown. It will be fun to play and have fair rules. But with details that take time to absorb causing some casinos to take advantage of the standard distortion To increase the advantage for ourselves, so before we decide to place money to play with which table The first thing we should do is look at these rules and regulations.

  • Odds (Payout) is that when we get A + 10 we have to get bonus 1.5 times (2 : 3) because some sources reduce the bonus to 1.2 times (5 : 6) or 1 time (1 : 1) but on the other hand. together If the dealer gets blackjack We have to pay the same amount (1 : 1).
  • The main bet (Main Bet) is that we have to double. You can do it every time you start a new turn (Double on any Two) and after split (Double after Split) because these two methods are necessary for a basic strategy to play.
  • The dealer does not draw at Soft 17, that is, we must ensure that If the dealer gets Soft 17 or A, 6, the dealer must not draw, because if they draw, that means the table takes advantage of us by increasing the chances of getting points above 17 without risking over 21 points.

Blackjack quality criteria, how to play, so that we can find a table that fits our own playing style.

  • Special bets (Side Bets) must have 21+3 , Bet Behind and Player Pair because nowadays all leading online casinos have these Side Bets.
  • range of bets (Minimum/High) There should be multiple steps to choose from. to meet the minimum, which allows us to play as many eyes as possible
  • There should be a number of tables to choose from. And there must be both 7 and 1 seats so that we can choose according to our playing level.
  • table technology The scanning system must be fast, the picture/sound must be clear and the streaming signal must be stable so that we can concentrate during the game.
  • number of plays There should be a variety of options for us to play. Both traditional and special, so that we can choose the experience that meets our tastes.
  • Dealer’s skills must have the same skills as a real dealer, must be able to calculate points, explain, understand, pay cards quickly, and have good human relations.