Minamino admits disappointment given few chances at Liverpool

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Minamino admits disappointment given few chances at Liverpool

Liverpool forward Takumi Minamino admits he is disappointed And frustrated with not getting the opportunity to play a lot during the 2 years that moved to play with the team. Report from UFABET

The 27-year-old Japan international join Liverpool in January 2020. From Red Bull Salburg for around £7 million. He has a contract with the club until the middle of 2024. He has been involved in 24 games. But has started only 9, starting only one in the league.

“There are a lot of games that I have played. But it didn’t get much attention. Even though I’m doing a good job I try to motivate myself and prove my worth. Do more personal training in addition to team training.”

“I felt I had left something behind when I got the chance to play. I use to feel disappointed And anger came as a motivation, something I’ve never felt as a player. And it is difficult to maintain the standard of physical condition. and feeling of balance It’s the season I think I’ve grown up with. But it’s still disappointing, even with some fulfillment. It’s normal to want to play in important games, perform well, so I said I was on the pitch. and create works But I don’t think it will have a big enough impact. I want to do my best and is a player who can produce good results in big games.”

Atalanta, Leeds, Wolverhampton Wanderers and AS Monaco are among those interested in him, however Southampton are the team with the greatest chances of having loaned Mina. Mino joined the team once.